Super Mario MoonGlow

One Day I was playing Super Mario World when I heard a knock on my doorbell. I went to open it and. There was a old man. He said here is an old videogame. I got a picture of him before he left I dont think he saw or else he would have stopped me as I know now.

Here is a link to the pic of him. (

Thanks! I replied as I went to play it. I put it in my TV and the title screen came up and it said Mario Moonglow. Cool a new mario sequal! you said as I went to pick up my remote to play it. I started the game. And all the goop was actually hyper-realistic blood.I went to go get FLUDD but its name was BLUDD and it had a new nuzzle the blood sprayer 3000. Wow! He said, this is weird. But I assumed it was just a glitch and moved on. Then creepy music started, it was Lavender Town ( backwards

and then for 1 frame this appeared

The Scary Mario

Luckily I was able to get my camera out and take a picture quickly. Then all of the sudden I heard the old man at my window. He said you shouldn't have played that. I realized he was right and it was bad. But I had to keep playing to find out where the game came from. So I went and got all of the moonglows. Then BLUDD used an axe to kill Yoshi. ah! You scream in terror. As I went to turn the tv off, he said this was a bad game. I went to read reviews on IGN they said 2.6/10 too much blood. See! They said, as you went over there. Then Mario jumped out of the screen and said hahahahaha, and he was actully boswer who was actully Satan. He said he will send Slenderman to scare him. Now if you dont post this in 10 places Slenderman will come and scare you.

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