If u have skeary hart condishuns, don't reed
IMG 20140722 140014

Skeary nose eyes fase

07/08/14 - Downlowded Skeary game called sanic.exe. IT wuz so skeary dat it gave mee herpes

07/13/14 - Recuvering in haspitel, saw a skeary skilenton, gave me moar herpes

07/15/14 - Came outta thee  haspitel. But then... sanic came up 2 mee end challenj me 2 a sord fite. After kiling him, skeary skilenton pooped up rite infrunt of Meeeeeee omg I had thee biggest hart atak ever

07/18/14 - I carnt take it ennymoar. I am gona kil myself. But suffercation suks, stabing hurts and justeen beeber is gay as fuk

07/22/14 - Finally outta haspitel, but skeary skilenton is right beehind meeee as I tipe.....

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