Rolf Roger, the local fry cook in Sweettown Canada, was hurrying home from his jobb at Burgershack, he really wanted to get home fast so he could watch porn and drink whiskey (his favorite hobby!!!) He was so exited infact that he decided to take a short cut, rigt trough Skeleton park! The park had that name becouse everyone in Sweettown knew that there was evil skeletons roaming around there, so nobody ever dared to enter the park. Rolf Roger however, did not belive in the skeletons, and thus decided to go trough the park and therby save 10 minuts of his walk home. As soon as he enterd the park however, a bunch of evil skeletons jumped him, they shot him in the face with their skelton lasers, and made him deader than dead! As the days passed, people going past the park, could see his corpse lying there, becoming more and more skeletonised, but they dared not drag him out, out of fear of the skeletons! On day 10 poor stupid Rolf Roger, was completely skeletonised, he then rose upp and started to hang out with the other skeletons (they where now his buddies) and he eagerly awaits any fool that is stupid enough to not heed the warnings about the evil in skeleton park.


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