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The no Jesus house

Once, there was this sweet rich guy who owned a big ass house, but he could not use his house

becouse it was full of evil ghosths!

So the rich dude got this uber sweet ghost hunter called Larry to get rid of the ghosts!

Before going in, Larry said: "i will use my mighty hammer to kill all the ghosts, in the name of Jesus!"

He said this while brandishing an ordinary looking carpenters hammer.

And so Larry went in to the house, hammering ghosts to death.

After long last he came to the last ghost, hammer raised he ran at it, ready to kill it!

But then sudenly, the ghost changed into the devil! and he said "hahaha i am the devil! and i dont belive in Jesus! now you will go to hell!" And thus poor Larry went to hell, where there is no Jesus (and no bathrooms)

And the rich dude still cant live in his house, becouse its full of ghosts again.

So if you ever find a hammer, dont go into any ghost houses With it, becouse you never know if the devil is in there, hangin out with the ghosts

written by: Felicia89

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