I was an intern at the BBC from 1936-1950. As the time traveler I am, I have a collection of lost films, some that were never recorded at all. One of these was Telecrime, which I have every episode of. My wife used to be normal, but when she learned about the reels, she thought that they were fake. "As was typical at the time, all the episodes were aired live and no recording was made, meaning none survive" my ass, I thought. The only visual record that survives are photographs...up until now. Now, I showed up in the public to show the first evidence of time travel. I know about 108 episodes of Telecrime that were made after episode 17. None of them were transmitted, of course, but I made them for fun. I recorded all of them, and I'll tell you them in a series of creepypastas like this. Telecrimes episode 18 started with the cop being asked by the manager to find a television pirate. [still under construction, to be finished ASAP]

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