Hello, I’m Jake. I’m was a cryptid investigator that worked to find monsters and other unidentifiable creatures that are not believed by a huge majority of the population in this wide world. This is my review of a case assigned to me by my boss whose name is not any of your business. I had to go to the town of Winchester in Missouri. There were reports and sightings of the Boogeyman there. If you’ve been a good child or not reading on mythical creatures, the Boogeyman is a creature who kills or punishes children who are naughty. But here’s the real kicker. It takes the form of what YOU fear. This was going to be a long case, and I knew that after I heard what my mission was.

It was October, 31, 1997. I had finally arrived at Winchester. I opened the door to my car and walked over to the nearest Arvest Bank. I had to get some money to send to my apprentice taking care of my home. He pays my bill. I was feeling hungry suddenly. I walked over to the hot dog stand. I was getting my wallet to pay for a delicious hot dog. When I looked up, the man at the stand serving hot dogs, was dead, with no blood. Mysterious. I walked to police station. When I arrived, I told them about the dead man and went on my way. I knew where I could get more info on the Boogeyman. I know it couldn’t be the Boogeyman who killed the man, plus he wasn’t important anyway. I did know that outside there is a town there was a small village and an orphanage. Why is this important? Well when I was assigned my mission, I was told that the parents in that very village are not even smart enough to teach their children to behave. So they go to orphanages, and the Boogeyman kills them.

I finally stopped to sleep at the local motel and waited for the next day to go to the library. I picked out a book on nightmarish childhood creatures and myths. I still remember the terrible screams of the children those nights. Then I had a call. I picked up my cell phone and clicked the needed button. Then this happened. The person or thing on the other side had a distorted voice. I could sorta make out what it said. I think it said, “bhfjsbvfvbljsbv”. Not that scary, but worry some. I knew that the Boogeyman could take the shape of whatever I fear. That night I was walking down the village street when I saw a shadowy figure coming toward me. And toward me. I started to feel panic for one of the few times in my life. I decided to run, but after awhile, I knew hiding won’t get me anywhere. So I tried to clear my mind of all thoughts. Everything went black.

I woke up in a hospital the next day. I had passed out. I was in that very hospital all day and at night I once again had to listen to those bloodcurdling screams. That was the very last day of my investigation. I was ordered to be sent home. When I had arrived at home, I soon gave up my job. Too much trauma and insanity shouldn’t get to me. If you have any sightings or reports of the Boogeyman, contact me.

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