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What the clown was playing in Jekyll island


Similar depiction of Meat tooth at other arrangements.

The clown from jekyll island

This is a story about a harmless party clownEdit

       A crappypasta story by Sean C. Stucki

Charles Palmber was a kid who loved the 80s. He created his own room with different collectables and merchendise from back to the future and had a ghost buster theme.Charles hobby consisted of reading comics and spines constantly with the occational video game on the side. A clown mask hung from his ceiling not really understanding why. His mother bought it for a reason he thought. A huge fan of mutant comics and non-fictionals written by opera writers. Charles liked to have parties but one fateful party changed his life dramatically.

During his 8th. birthday party our heros father hired a guest to come.All 30 of his friends we're bouncing in his rented bounce house that was blown up in their kitchen. glee fell from the ceiling as if it was cake dew, everyone was well and happy until the sound of the doorknob jingled. As Charles is opening his new Barbie and Ken set his heart begins to beat and condensation forms on his brow at the sound of the knob turning. His eyes turned into buffalo wooden nickles once he saw the sight of the discusting man walking threw the door. A clown?!  

"I explicitly wrote letters to mother inveighing against this painted faced atrocity!" This clown had wacky face paint. Running white, green, and black outside a gigantic smile sharp smile and much like Goku's hair was his rose red color. To all the kids that bounce in astonishment it looked as if the clowns hair was inflames. This ill man wore a baggy white jacket with chinchilla wrapped all over like christmas wrapping paper accompanied with dirty white jeans with the word "Vaporware" written across the butt in illegible spray paint. A random party goer exclaimed,"Well, atleast he's wearing the big red shoes." Edit

This dirty clown had a blow horn in one white glove and holding a small guillotine in his other yellow one. He lashed his arms and legs out making a star and yelled,"Suprise kids! It's me! Meat tooth!" taken back by the display of his oddity and odor one of the children yelled out of his cruelty intent,"He's the stupid jacked up version of sweet tooth!" This loud insult infected every child in both living room and kitchen with tear soaked laughter. You'd think meat tooth held a barrier being on the job for a while but his smile turned into a frown.Edit

They all thought he took no offense. Meat took a few cups of water that he grabbed from the children in the bounce kitchen and splashed them in his face smearing his make up. Charles knew a bad adult when he saw one but his inner duality of right and wrong clouded his judgement thinking meat tooth was possessed with a rectitudinous demon. This clown proved himself with his introduction.Edit

  "Good afternoon! I'm from Jekyll island! Come here!" Meat tooth grabbed poor Charles by the arm. The boy didn't make a peep just stared into the clown's gaze. Meat pulled out his sharp toy and stuck Charles' finger into the guillotine hole. "Pardon me birthday boy, my training is still in it's incipient stages. I hope you don't mind." You could've cut the rooms tension with a butterknife. All of the children's hearts beat as if they we're all cows running away from dogs, like 1 big quickening beat.

Charles father came in from the backyard with cake and lipstick smeered about his lips and cheeks. Once his eyes straighened on Meat tooth you could measure his egyptian pyramid of anger with 10,000 cubit. "Son!" Father yelled. Both Charles and Meat tooth looked directly at the father along with every kid at that party. Little did they know that Meat tooth squandered all his time playing twisted metal. Twisted metal 1,2,3,black, and even number 4! The background search yielded no results for Charles father but still is an utmost trusting man. 

Jekyll island is the name of Meat tooth's trailer. He took the job as a party clown after gathering up a subconscious bloodlust. He watched Sweet tooth get buried alive by Calypso in twisted metal for the PS3. Meat tooth swore vengence on that little girl who committed suicide in the video game and all the parental force with 80s merchandise couldn't stop the clown from getting the flip on Calypso. "Sit down and smoke that pipe dad! Kids! Your not my defense and Charles the district attorney, you both wont have this case homologated by a judge!" Meat tooth screamed and laughed in disturbing manner.

As Charles turned to run toward Father, Meat tooth spun the other way breaking Charles' finger and chopping it half off at the same time."AHHH!" screamed Charles! All the children reacted with dry heaving and some standing cross eyed. Meat tooth began to dance in a sporadic rainfall of endorphins. As the clown flung his arms in his helicopter spin dance, Charles bestfriend yelled as Father brought his son out of the room

"Mr. Clown.... your fired!"

The End   

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