The "Doctor"

I was in my house, enjoying some television then I saw my dog, Henry paralysed on the floor. I rushed to the nearest vet I could find . There was a big queue of people, after a while I could see Henry go bloodshot and start throwing up. Roughly two hours later I saw a second register open up at the reception, I quickly rushed over and registered in. I saw the cost of the "operation" looked at my half-dead dog then fainted out of panic. When I woke up the lights were smashed and I was paralysed. , I heard footsteps and tried my best to run away but I had forgotten I was paralysed in my panic. I looked at the calendar and 8 days had passed. Then I realised something, I had been stuck in this god-forsaken room for 1 hour and nothing had happened yet, then I saw a beak thrusting out of the Dark and heard "next!" I was lifted to a room by an unknown person and saw a plague-doctor mask appear in front of me, then saw a cane held by a white glove and a syringe held in another glove.

Then slightly muffled words came out of the mask "Hello, name please?" I tried to respond but I then realised my mouth was taped up, I felt myself passing out, then I felt a sharp pain in my arm and saw a needle being slowly injected by the same white glove. I passed out soon after the pain stopped. When I woke up I threw up, still paralysed and bleeding heavily from my arm. I heard a door open and thought I was going to be finished off. It hurt to cry, literally because  dire dehydration had set in. Then I heard more words from the mask "You have been infected, I have a cure, for five-thousand dollars"  It then grabbed my hand and put it in my pocket and lifted it out of my pocket with my credit card and rubbed it on my hand and said "beep" then injected me with another syringe, I felt immense pain and watched as a bunch of people in similar plague-doctor masks walked out. I was still on the floor, paralysed out of fear. A few minutes later I saw a policeman break into the building and watched as he removed the tape from my lips and put it in a box. The next thing I saw was a paramedic uniform and I was put into an ambulance. When I reached the hospital I was wheeled off to a room, where a doctor tested my blood looked at my arm and said "you seem to have Arsenic in your blood-stream,  enough to fit in 2 syringes." I asked weakly "do you have a cure?" The Doctor said "We do have a cure, for five-thousand dollars, otherwise you have 2 days to live" This all felt like yesterday, because it was yesterday.

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