Oh god, this show SUCKS. It is freaking bad, I hate it, you probably hate it.

Anyways, I was on youtube watching the original pilot for Family Guy. As I watched my eyes turned to the "Up Next" box. As I looked at the "Up Next" box, I saw a video called "The Groovenians". Now, I was interested and wanted to see what this was, So I clicked on the video.

It started with this cheesy countdown starting from "10". when it got to 1, It revealed the name of the show: The Groovenians. And, I heard a crappy song in the background. The song was utter crap, and the lyrics sucked. Eventually the song ended, and I was relieved. But, It started to get even worst.

The camera zoomed into a bland and ugly neighbor hood, and the camera was pointed to a crappy house. Then some "Flower lady" stood in front of the camera and spun in a circle like a Tazimanian Devil from The Loony Toons. Then, she just stood their with a wide open smile and had her arms out.

She had a human face, her head was surrounded by a flower, and her skin was green. Lady's and gentleman, She said, Please welcome to the stage (witch didn't make sense at all considering there WAS no stage) The newest act from the Gliniam jet duo called ZOO ZIPAWOW. That was utterly stupid.

It showed a flower man sitting down while jazz played in the background. He stood up, and started banging his fists against a house. The flower lady started to dance, The flower man appeared behind her and she had paint supplies. She looked at the flower man and said Meet my boyfriend, Jet. (dear god this was stupid). This guy sounded like an idiot.

Then, it showed a green dog with six eyes, and he sounded like a sheep. Jet, that flower man, laughed and said That's right. He started tapping his hands on little drums and acted like he was from Hawaii. The flower lady started dancing like a ballerina, This was so stupid. Then, he was just saying gibberish, the song was terrible. Then, she got out two spray cans and started shooting purple paint out of them. She sprayed it all over her self.

Then they started dancing. Oh God, I said. They just kept dancing like idiots. Since they were both dancing in front of a random house, an old lady looked out the window watching them Like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Then, they sprayed all of the paint on her window, she freaked out.

The dogs eyes started spinning, And both the flower people fell over. It was horrible, I stopped watching there because it SUCKED. This story is real, too. I actually found this crap on youtube. Since it was crap I'm posting the story on Crappypasta.

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