Hello so I was on google images reading rage comics. But some were blurry and the text was very small. So I found a website with ALL RAGE COMICS!!!


Thats how excited I was. I read a few (yay) and I came across one called DIE!!1!11 that was a spooky title for a rage comic. it wasn't even funny

So, this is what happened:


It showed a guy with hyper realistic eyes calling someone on the phone

he said LUV U BAI

and then the forever alone guy came up and he had hyper realistic eyes and he held a knife.

he said DIE DIE DIE!!

then it show his dead body in pile of blood and he is wearing deal with it sunglasses. It was spooky so spooky very spooky. And then i heard someone say DIE DIE DIE and my head came off.

Trollpasta- "The Lost Rage Comic" by Jakesweetcamel01:41

Trollpasta- "The Lost Rage Comic" by Jakesweetcamel

Narration by Slimebeast

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