Have you heard of the rake before i have it was around for sometime.When i saw it s face i well never forget his face when i close my eyes i see his eyes.I am ten years old in my mom s house i was cleaning the house it was 10:pm it was pass my bedtime when i saw something outside the house.It was very dark outside it was crawling on the grass it looked like a human with pale skin claws black eyes. I freeze for about a hour it looked back at me with its black eyes it was coming towards the window! a load SMASH! glass was everywhere i screamed top of my lungs my older sister was up stairs the Rake monster was coming up stairs i cased after him my sister yelled i heard a load SMASH! the window was broken my sister said in her sort live she said he is the Rake i cred hopeless dear god i said.I ran down stairs i grab my hood in went outside i ran outside at night.It was raining outside the Officers came i told them everything.My mom dad in my older brother told what is going on! she yelled ma m i need you to come down one of the officers said.WHAT! come down i can t come down! ma m! said one of the officers i need you... my mom screamed what the hell that! my mom looked at the monster my eyes widen that the monster that killed my sister! i yelled the officers pulled there guns: Freeze! said one of the officers but it was to late the Rake monster killed one of the officers with his claws even he killed my older brother FUCK! my older brother yelled the next day i did not slept last night i got ready and eat something for breakfast my mom and my dad we went to the hospital i saw my brother my older sister in there hospital beds the doctor walked in our doctor said: i had some bad news and good news what is the good news doctor said my mom the good news is your brother can live my mom my dad was glad the bad news is our doctor said....your sister have to be put down i was SHOCKED my heart stopped i freeze i cred am sorry we went back home i ran to my room crying.i WELL never forget that day that the rake ruined my live and killed my sister i can feel him looking at me with is dark eyes i well never forget him.

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