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"Rap Rat"

Rap Rat by Mr.Creepypasta

Rap rat

The Rap Rat Curse Continues   Dec-5-2013    Crappypasta written by:             Sean C. Stucki

I've heard of this "Nightmare" with the horrible possessions by demons in this board game that supposedly come from New Zealand. I've read of the strange set of fish eyes, and the corny lyrics and puns coming from the rat. The brother and sister would slightly quibble with their mother not getting far. She stopped when seeing her sons little face. All his mother needed to see what his frightened eyes and that was the only testimony she needed. When venturing further into this creepypasta what these kids say they saw sounds like a crafty concocted clip show made by a lot of photo shop and a lot of time. Their had to be a reason.  

Rap Rat finds a new ownerEdit

"You realize this is all fake right?" My bud Tom definitly had a point. New editing software comes out every year to pump our computers and our egos as artists. But on the other hand curiosity got the better of us! We both jumped on ebay searching for the demonic board game, I hoped in my head it was their for sale. "Remember to buy the board with that VHS tape that gets really hot." After that boost Tom was scrolling faster and faster with both of us scanning our eyes trying to find that treasure. Potentially this myth could be true. 

I did read that aparappa or something could be a demon inside the rap who raps like where I read their is some kind of chant during the kiddie video, some crap I read. Though if those witnesses did sow seeds of truth by mocking this game further we would sow dragon's teeth but i'm willing to take this chance. Me and Tom both think this is not going to work and have a better time taking it out back and taking turns spitting on it. We scrolled and scrolled for 20 minutes. "Yes! Here it is! On the second to last page no less." I replied to Tom by yelling in his ear,"Buy it!"

The picture shows it all. It comes with the board game, the cheeze peices, and that VHS tape I read about in the creepypasta. We started out excited then became bored waiting for the shipping. 3 weeks had passed and we moved on to our next hobby but their it was sitting next to my mailbox. I would be lying if I said I wasen't a little nervous, hey i'm a gullible guy! This may be like the story of the dubie box I saw on the syfy network. This might not just suck me and Tom into a oversized puddle but drown in the tourbillion while rap rat holds my head under the whirls.   

Without the cut scenes but what happens next...Edit

I called Tom expecting him not to care that much but he was excited. He told me he's bolting over here before hanging up and he meant that. No sooner then getting the box to my table and ripping it half open does Tom prance in. "What's up Travis! Do you got that rapping rap game?" Can you tell that we're both kinda nerdy? Everyone thinks I dress in clothes from the baby gap and he looks like it to though he plays on the varsity football team. I guess being into star trek and the occult doesn't have the proper undergrid for the social pipeline. I yanked that tape off with my teeth revealing the inside...

"Nightmare?! Oh my...Travis this looks stupid. It's like that mouse trap game. I don't feel haunted." I started giggling. Though when thinking back people did get possessed and killed playing this. I'm curious so whatever happens happens, we set it up anyways. I began to feel unconfident when seeing that the VHS player wasen't a VHS but a DVD. I picked up the casing and slid the dvd out that had scribbles on it reading,"Rap Rat Instructions." written poorly with a black sharpie. Well I guess we wern't going to experience ejecting it out and carrying with oven mittens.

We popped in the disk thinking nothing is going to happen like it's a joke. This is suppose to be a lunatics boffin involving a child in a sweatshop somewhere in Haiti. We waited for the static to receed. "It's a DVD why is their static? It should be skipping if scratched." A black screen with white letters stating information about distributing illegal copies is against the law and what not. Right as the paragraphs left the screen Rap Rat pushed threw a peice of cheese and began to rap. Just rapped 1 line..."Swooping the fear to mortals like a bird, have it come to your house! Repeat the word!" Tom raised an eyebrow and looked at me," What word?"

Then as if on que Rap Rat said in succession,"Aparat, aparat, aparat!" giving away a goofy smile with arms out in comedic fashion. Then Tom mockingly jumped up and down yelling that word aparat. We waited and nothing happened. He downed an orange soda then said to me while heading to the bathroom,"haitian girl my ass!" I didn't know what to say we both felt unimpressed. I saw that the video kept running but the rat puppet wasen't moving, just slight twitches. I checked if it was on pause but it wasen't the rat kept his posture. I hit fast forward seeing that the time went past 2 hours on the edge of the screen.

Only fair sounds in the background with the puppet saying in place an hour in. Ok I thought now this rat is creeping me out. I turned off the dvd and ejected it. Just then I heard a banging sound come from the bathroom. It sounded like Tom fell over. The air and creepyness we're getting on nocuous levels. I grabbed the doorknob feeling that my friend locked it. I called out but he wasen't responding."Hey man! What happened? Are you alright?" What am I to do now? He's been in there 10 minutes! I yelled,"I'm kicking the door open!"

Few peices of wood snapped off and the door flung open but what I saw I can never unsee. Tom laid half way in the tub dead, all pale with spider veins all over as if he rushed to 150 years old. Before I ran out of the house that I never went back to I saw standing in the dark bathroom the rap rat standing 6 feet tall over Tom's corpse. It's eyes we're blacker than black, images of vipers and clowns and horrors flashed before my eyes in only a second, and he was covered in a splatter of blood. It's mouth was moving while staring at me a rapid pace I believe may be the raps he did in the video but no words came out.

I haven't seen any of my friends, my family, anyone... I just ran.

-The End- 

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