Once there was a giant asshole who was 2,000 feet tall and had a huge fat ass. One day the giant asshole saw an anime called Attack On Titan while reading Jackass and The Beancock. He was all like, "DIS STUFF IZ BULLSHIT! I DUZ NAWT HAV AN TINY ASS DICK MUDDAFUGGAS!" So then he rampaged for no reason after destroying all the fairytale books and tvs he ever saw. With a mighty push, he destroyed Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki with his giant-ass shit! The people were all like, "Holy shit!" Then the giant asshole broke Chernobyl by pissing on it with his mighty 800 foot dick. Then he went to America and was like "FUCK DIS SHIT I HATEZ DIS COUNTRY!" So he knocked over the twin towers with his huge six-sided double dildo and stomped on some random nigga. Then he went and sat his giant fat ass on the pentagon and let out a huge fart! But he was not motherfuckin' done! He took a huge monster shit on the pentagon and OVER 9000 people died from shit-stroke. Ever since then, the day has been known as "Flatulence Day" because of all the motherfuckin' farts that giant asshole made and killed dem people with. Recently the giant asshole farted on motherfuckin' Paris! OVER 9000 more people died!

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