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The Ghost of the Kitchen Johny was watching SpongeBob Square Pants, coincidentally his favorite show, when he heard water boiling. He wasn't in a hurry to see what it was because an episode of SpongeBob he hasn't seen was airing. After the commercial came, he decided to check it out. "Holy Voldemort's nipple!" Johny thought out loud, "If I want to investigate I need some hard core sleuthing gear!" Johny ran to his room to get his tape recorder, he pressed the play button and hardcore montage music started playing. He got prepared when 'BOOM' 'WHAM' 'CHICKAZAM' he heard the toaster make toast, without un-toasted toast be put in the toaster, the place were un-toasted toast was made into toast! This was more serious than he ever imagined. He got to the living room and some crappy show was playing. It was about dis homie who was like "Wuddup, son. Mah name be Jeff yo. Mah butt be like 'CLENCH HOMY' when I sneez." After Johny saw the show, he took out his iPod 5 and was like "Lol, gotta tell my Twitter and Instagram followers how bad this show is" He took his cool-ass sleuth tools, went to the kitchen and saw a SPOOKY GHOST! He watched Ghost Busters too many times not to react. He took his vintage vacuum cleaner he got from some kid on eBay claiming that it was used in Ghost Busters and sucked the ghost right up. "I vill suck your blehd" the ghost said to trick Johny into thinking he should let him go, but Johny knew this trick and said "Lol, watched too much TV, I know you're lying #ghost. I'm gonna throw you out. Go violate somebody else's home. The Spooky End

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