It happened whent the 18 year old female Vincent Dawn got kicked out from home because of problems that she would like to be called unrelated to her, but that was something that she couldn't do. She had been hidden inside a closet for a long amount of time, unable to come out because of fear. It had begun when she was 12 that she realised about her attraction to the same gender, and she knew what would happen if she came out that age, the same what happened a few hours ago.

Vincent, or Vince for short, had walked into the living room where her parents sat comfortable in the couch together while watching television. After six years in the closet, and finally of legal age, she had decided to come out and confess. She knew neither of them would take it well, each of them having parents that had taken part in the religion of Christ. They weren't necessarily christian themselves, but raised under such strict guardians, they surely would've gotten brainwashed by it all. She got her parents attention quickly, instantly making her nervous as their eyes observed her trembling. “ Honey, what's wrong? ” Her mother, Christina asked with worry in her eyes that would later on change into disgust. Vincent opened her mouth and began to speak, stuttering regulary while explaining her secret. Her dad stood up, his face being red in anger and screamed while her mother's eyes looked away, not did it only hold disgust but also sorrow. “ Get out! You're no daughter of mine! ” The father, Martin, kept repeating the words and the younger female backed out of the room. She had already packed and was prepared to leave, and as she had taken the bag and walked past the living room, she could hear the sobbing of her mother with her father as support. She opened the door and walked outside, the small fringe of her pixie cut being pulled back by the sudden strong, wind.

That was what she would be wearing til she reached the city that was full of people that she surely didn't know, spending her time most at home in her room by the computer. She barely had enough money to survive for a whole week, meaning she had to earn money in some way which would be difficult. The sun had started to set, the light of the sun disappearing beyond the buildings that stood tall. She could sit down while begging for money, or simply wait til the morning to go get an actual work. She knew a pair of simple jobs that might suit her, it wouldn't be easy of what she knew of but she had hope. She sat on the streetwalk by the wall of a grocery store that was closed, people also walking by ofcourse while pitying her. She could feel it. She held her hands out, incase that pity was strong enough to gain her something more which it probably wasn't.

“ Hey little lady, are you okay? ” A man that seemed to be in his late 40's looked at Vincent with a beer can in his hand, maybe spilling a few drops while on her red cardigan and white shirt that was hidden underneath, while trying to keep his balance. Vincent, with no interest in an giving an actual response, nodded. He smiled and pulled her curled up state into his arms, “ Come with me, I can give you a good time. ” He chuckled under his breath and Vincent panicked, trying to get the larger male from her with no sucess. She was dragged into an alleyway by the male, hidden in the dark with people walking by. “ Let go! ” Vincent cried softly out as the man dropped the beer can while kissing her neck seductively. The man pulled away, both wrists in his hands, and smiled. “ That won't work for me, don't you agree? ” He nodded down toward his erection, sending Vincent into a state of shock and fear of what would happen next. She looked at her surroundings, seing a hammer on the ground beside her that she could clearly use as a weapon against the disgusting predator. He hummed while quickly letting go of her wrists while trying to sneak his hands under the clothing and onto her breasts, but failed as she bent down sideways and grabbed onto the hammer. The man had no time to react before he was hit in the head but it wasn't hard enough to knock him out overall. “ You bitch! ” He yelled in pain before he swung back with his fist into Vincent's cheek, and took the hammer away from her. He used the hammer against her this time, and without sense of direction, he threw the claws of the hammer into her eye.

A scream echoed in the alleyway, the loud voices from the open space in the city covering the noise. The man got suprised by the sudden outburst, barely knowing what he had done in his still drunken state. He pulled out, somehow nailing pulling her eyeball out, it hanging from the optic nerve. He screamed in fear as the shorter female of 5'2 launched at her punching him repeatedly while crying as it hurt. She managed to take back the hammer again, smacking it onto him repeatedly as the earlier punches. She felt the breathing underneath him, both being on the ground, soften until she felt how his breathing stopped. His face seemed to be completely broken, his eyes had been impaled by the same claw, she had clearly broken his nose and the teeth in his mouth was all over the place. His forhead seemed to be pushed into the area of his frontal lobe.

She sat back with the hammer still in hand beside the dying body of the still unnamed man while crying and trying to put her eye back, not knowing better. She looked up towards the night sky, not being cloudy for once. It seemed like the amount of people on the streets had turned fewer and she looked at her red cardigan, covered in blood and a bit of her white shirt that was mostly hidden underneath. She was seemed screwed, and it surely would look like it from another point of view but she surely wasn't giving up mentally. She took the hammer and managed to rip off the eyeball from the nerve, dealing with the pain. The sobbing had turned into a laughter and the frown into a smile as she left the eyeball behind, leaving the corpse and alleyway behind.

This isn't the ending, this was only the beginning.

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