the on year 1959 this were that murder upon that burger king on, the mn!!! murderd victoms named were bob!!! that few months earlier those make that new mascot the call burger king guy!!! and make that paper cutout for himself!!! the then victom the possed cardbord cutout!!! around that week later tha people take see weird thing upon restront appreciation burgers where floteing on middle air, ice creem mashens where turning in by them selfs, the and burger king guy cutout were acting weirding!!! himself is funges everyone over hamself, having grone wite eyes, and bleed were comeing outward for he is a eyes and mouth and were evil!!! and when the happens night hamself moves around cuz da crama find outward!!! then those the call poleas!!! prevent upon da same the anytime poleas where busy taking one thing!!! the jeff killer having break outward for jail!!! da poleas where appreciation "OMG!!!!" say da polesas. that few days latere the jeffing killer go to da burger king and orderd that small an burger. . . OF DETH!!!!!! after hes the eaten burger for deth!!! himself in need of to da bathroom then da poleas will don't found ham!!! then himself stayed this and upon dark himself go outward for da bathroom the prevent burger king guy find himself and say "i would do report you are a to da the poleas!!!"' burger king guy say to the jeff killer!!! and then the jeff killer replyed "go to slept!!!" the jeff killer say the to burger king guy. the then burger king guy say to the jeff killer "no myself dont whant the to!" burger king guy say to the jeff killer. then those fight. the burger king guy give the jeff killer paper cuts. and the jeff killer the give burger king guy nife cuts. prevent the then burger king guy have da phonee and call da polese and da poleas enter to burger king!!! the and poleases fond outward to what happend. and the currently burger king guy is currently an hero! "yay himself have it" each individual say. 

prevent around that week later the jeff killer keep outward for jail and killed around 500 more peopel!!!



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