one day I was playing my old haunted trumpet that squirted appendages out of it whenever you you play it.I decided that I was going to poop on my neighbors car.So I did it and then shrek popped out of the trunk and shreked me.Then I tasted the rainbow as he craped on my bushes.All of the suddon I puked out skittles.Then doritos came out of my butt and then tungs hurppend.MEH DOURING FORMLFJK SOOPEDIDMY.ADYHKFK MEBHFDK,MMVKLNSAKJVNO DKJVFNDIM JOWNHF W OIVFIOEWJOWHOVIOWMOIDWOKQEOPHPRE;V KEFHLKEJSPOHVJEVIV DSDJVKLSJVO;LQJQ

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