Andy is a guy that lacks kitchen appliances but is full of mockery from others. Andy lives his life getting the piss taken out of him but embraces the insults and wears them comfortably just like a condom, sometimes like a used condom. He had a family, whenever they would approach him and his friends knew they asked for his erotic mother to make orgasm noises, she was good, very very good. Everybody couldn't get enough of her orgasms, there was always a demand for it once her presence is noted. Andy loved Skype calls, but his friends loved his brother on the Skype call more, Andy's brother has the most luscious, mouth-watering nipples in the land, so great they are better than beef patties! Andy also loved playing games with his friends, but he also had a secret hobby. HE was an Italian pornstar of the name "Fresco Fantasma" but he had to stop as his friends caught on and called him a fuckboy and verbally abused him. Upon being found out as an Italian pornstar, Andy created a new Skype account and took on the name "Republic Sextrooper" so that he could continue with his pornographic activities as an honourable soldier in Star Wars. Sometimes when his friends were speaking to him, there was a bang on the wardrobe. People asked: "what is that?" but it still remains a mystery to this day. At night Andy would cry because he couldn't enjoy microwave meals, ready cooked and easy, his friends knew he didn't have a microwave but would tell him "Andy shut your microwave door!". This brought upon the greatest sadness a guy could ever have, but when he would want to calm himself by brushing his hair, his hairbrush would get stuck then he would cry more. To escape his friends Andy goes by the name of "Weed Jesus" on the streets; then continues to harass the general public by asking alarming questions such as: "Can I have some coke?!". He has recently been reported to the police and is known to be a danger to the public. Since the report he has gone into hiding, thinking about his brother's nipples and listening to fartstep.

Solomon GrundyEdit

Grundy loved the outside, he would stand outside in terrible Northern weather to embrace the gale force winds against his skin. Grundy is a person you want to be friends with but don't want to be standing in front of, he always has a habit of doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. However when alone, Grundy would always like to walk around alone and when he sees a soil patch, he would feel hole up, touch all around and on a good day go in deep. He liked holes, many, many holes. He loves holes so much he put his hole on YouTube along with his talent of balancing spoons, this is the sex tape that people silently speak of whilst out partying. He hated beatboxing, but would love making an excruciating sound similar to beatboxing, this gave him the urban name "Lucozade man" because of the sugar rush he has when making the sexy noise. His favourite choice of activity consists of sexual acts in strange places. Everyone particularly likes the time he raped his friend inside a caravan (14 times) for some sort of satisfaction that is not yet know. But a favourite is the time when he banged, rocked and destroyed a child's bed and his significant other in a orphanage, the children screams but their tones varied from fear to hate and some even lust. It's safe to say the orphanage is heavily monitored and the beds have been reinforced to stop smeggy legs coming back in and showing kids new tricks. Every morning he would wake up and look out the window at a sofa on a shelter and wonder if he could sit there and become the king of shitstains, but he would be distracted by the noise of his brown fan. He would stare at the fan frequently and think about his friends, about how badly he wants to talk about brown fans to them but it's hard to think when the brown fan is so beautiful and makes him moist. This was his way of getting away from the shitty nerdgins on xbox, that would be both virgins and nerds that smelled like shit and spoke about game like their lives depended on it.

Wacky JackyEdit

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