Note: This is the first Adventure in the series! I will put the second adventure in once I finish it.

Spelling Errors are supposed to be in there.

"Hey, I wonder where Perry is." Said a voice in my dreams. I then woke up from my horrid dream to find myself tied up to a chair in a wearhouse

"What should we do with him, Spongebob?"

"Lets take him to the Krusty Cocain Crab Shack of Greasy goodness!"

I allowed my eyes to ajust to the surounding, before I noticed where I was. I was in SHOCK! Literly.

I wus in the muddle of a stale meme. AKA Your mom. Btw you need some milk.

So then, I got in a car with Slendymen Jeff the killy and Spungeboob.

And we went to Mc Donalds."UHH HEY There! Wuh Need 88 Tacos STAT! Oh and one Shipperoni! Were on a hunt fore a deep sea treasure hunt!"

"Is that all, sir?"


"Srry, we dont sell dem memes here. Also that costs Over 9 thousand dollars."

Spungeballs then ran over the Mc dolans. With his fighter jet. On a swing set. In a fish tank

And then everyone died and reageneratood to shit piles AHHHHH NAAAAAAAHHHHH.

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