one day a boy was in his house and then he was bored so he decided he will go into the attic to look for trasure and when he got up there it was very dusty and he couldnt see because of all the dust. then he looked at the corner of the attic and there was a big box that looked very old and had been there for a long time. they he opened it. the box opened and then 194189y zombies and 292381 vampires jumed out and he screamed so loud that the his throwt hurt. then he looked down at his hands saw that his fingernaisl were growing very very very long and very shap. and his face was ichy. and he looked at the miror that was in the corner and then saw that he had gorwn hair at his face and he was so so shoked!! nut he was aso very hangry! and angley! on his mouths he had fangs! an  they were sharp! an then he thought to himself i must be a WAREWOLF and warewolfs are the nnemies to vampires and also stronger than zombies! becuase zombies can be killed by normal people with guns! so they are easy to kill. so then he attacked and 1 vampire tried to bit him but he quickly doged him and then used his claws to cut his head off!! ad the neck of the vampire was squirting all the blood. then he bitted to avampire in his neck and it died frome the neck bit. then a zombie tryed to attck him but he side stapped the attack and did a claw strike and a backflip at the same time! and then he did an attack where he was spinning on his head and kicking all these zombieas and vampires with his feet but the claws on his feet were slicig their necks at 10000 million necks per seconds!!! and it lookd like breakdancing! then he did another move when he found a rifle and shot a bullet in the air and when they'd come down they would hit a vampire or maybe a zombie on the head. and he did this attack x1928391499182. then he did the attak where he spuned again but with the gun and but the zombies were only dieing! so he remembered the only way to kill a vampire is by removing the vampires head or stabbing its hart with a peice of wood. then he suddenly remembered his dad was doing work in the garden with a wooden stick! so he ran to the shed and he found it quickly then stabbed all the vampires hearts with it. when it was all done he saw he made a lot of mess so he quikly cleaned it up before his parents got hime because it was inthe holidays and his parents were at work. so he used his super-speed and super-strength to clean every blood up. then he relised that there was too much blood so he got his dog named Scruff and he liked al the blood up. wen the last blood was liked the boy heard hs mum opening the front door and he rushed downstairs. have you been a good boy? said his mum yes he said can i play playstation? yes. and then that was the end of the mystery of trasure attic.

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