Totally a true story �

i just came back from a movie. A movie about a pillow...a scary pillow..that would do things...terrible things to your sleep.......

right now its 2:47AM im soo tired. Goodnight

hi its Still the same day.. Itss 5:56Am My pillow was not as comfy..... Illl find a new better pillow today ill bee back soon

so i just got a new pillow!!!well itss my moms. I traded it with my moms.shhhhhhh she doesntt know !!

im still tired...very tired.....didntt get to much sleep cause of that stupid face kept on sinking in it so then my nose would be covered with pillow making it hard to I slept without it.

its now 9:23pm im goingg to bed early tonight still tired from tonight. Hope my mom likes her new bad pillow

MY MOM. She died...she died.......she died of suffocation.......who????how???how??? how.......did this....happen

I KNOW! now I know Who it was the pillow. The pillow is the one....


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