Mr Forro's mystical and mesmerizing singing00:43

Mr Forro's mystical and mesmerizing singing


Mr Forro looking at pictures of kids

The prowler of Maidstone is a rather vulgar tale of a man of gigantic size and poor stature. His name is Nicholas Forro, he worked at New Line Learning Academy as a Drama teacher in which he used to use his costume closet as a place of "secret study" with his students. The prowler has not been seen since 2011 and is still lurking around Maidstone, penniless but still a danger to the local community. However there was a sighting of "The Prowler" in Brenchley gardens in Maidstone on 14th February Valentine's day, he was sighted with another woman of his gigantic size masturbating together near a bush. That day there were many children in the park to so short observation shows that he was getting sexual pleasure from the sight of children. There also is footage of him working at his school on youtube, pleasuring his students with his mesmerizing singing voice, if only they knew...

He has many names too, he isn't just called the prowler, his numerous names consist of: Fatty fatty bom bom, chavvy ding dong pedo, that fat man, hallway blocker and Mr Forro (his sexual work station name)

Residents of Maidstone beware of this creature!

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