It was a saturday night......FEEVER!!!!!!!!

I was at the club, dancing. But then i realised that videogames was released.

I was a fan of the videogames series, i loved it so much. I bought it from Ebay, but there was something weird, instead of the cover showing a videogame character, it showed hyper realistic blood and spooky ghosts.

I was terrified. So then i run and i play videogame 7: Sepirogtar's revenge it was really good but then oh no it was the hyper realistic spooky ghosts and i said oh god i dead no then sepirogtar appeared in real life and punched me in the meowth good thing my mom ate turkey sandwich making the turkey ghost attack the hyper realistic spooky ghosts then appeared donkey dong and i said wow expand dong u bonzi buddy haha then bonzi buddy appeared and infected me i am dead now i'm ghost too writing creepypasta wich is creepy wow so scary i'm ded

plot twist is that im jimmy's mom and jimmy your mom is ded