(Soundtrack for this creepypasta OBSERVATION SONG IS 2SCARY4U:

It was a friday night that was not fever

as you all know i love videogame series, especially the 80453th one, revenge of the revenge, a absolute classic, but then i saw that there was a new game in the series called revenge of the this game and it was good reviewed by some sites like ign with a video review that you can see right here except that they excluded the video so i'm going to say what happens at the end

- bullshit graphics

- bad gameplay

- worst game of the series

- bad 3d effects

- not carl of duty

- it is the worst game of all time

FINAL VERDICT 10/10 its okay

So i bought the game and played it...

i loved it but then what happened a ghost appeared out of the fideogame my s3p the famous station3play and i also had a xbox867-5309 (jenny) then what happened is that i ded. ending

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