I was on ebay browsing the site and I saw a post for a snes with super Mario world and it cost 1 cent I counted bevlive it a snes with a game I emitly buy it and after a few seconds after buying it they was a knock on my door I opened my door and they was a box I took the box and opend it it was the snes with the Mario game but the game looked odd the lable was missing and with black marker someone worte Mario on it I dident care I plug the snes into the wall and put the game into the snes it loaded it everything was noemal intill I died Mario scream in a realistic way that hart my ears  my turned down my tv volume but when Mario died I still heard the scream ii just ignored it I just thought it was a glitch when I got to Reznor he had blood on his shell I still though this was just a glitch i was going to get up to blow on the cartridge but as I got up Mario grabed a gun and shot reznor I was shocked a message poped up on the screan it said you killed reznorr  good job has I pressed A to contilue  as Mario walked pass reznor he wispers go to sleep

Mario was killing everyone and then he got to bower Mario grabed a bad and knocked out bower Mario looked at bower and I counted belive what happed next Mario was raping brower I was crying I unpugged the snes ad tnhow the snes out the window I whent outside to the snes and Mario cartridge and I burned it that was the worst thing that has ever happed to meee                        

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