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    Joe Mamma

    March 30, 2014 by Tauren.valenti

    Joe Mamma is actually called,

    Yo mamma! 

    So one day,

    A kid named Joe went to school, and asked his friend, Bob, a question. "What does the Fox say?" Bob replied, "Uhhh, JOE MAMMA!" Everyone at school laughed. He kept getting Joe Mamma jokes, everyday. These include, Joe's Mamma so fat, etc, etc, jokes.

    Then, Joe had enough. He KILLED everyone in the whole entire school! So, whoever says a reply to a question with Joe Mamma 400 times in two weeks, not including Sunday, and Saturday, and says Joe's Mamma is so, whatever your gonna say, 18 times too, and he knows about it. Your gonna die........

    That's why people say, Yo mamma! now, and not Joe Mamma!

    The End.

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