Dis is a spoky story bout sme guiz dat wher in teh artic and saw an alein dat could chnge shpe an stuf itz su spoky dat i gotz to telz u itz

Teh ting1

Teh Spoky Begengs

I ws takens a crep when i herd gns sus i deced to go outcide wit my buds and we say a doge bein sot by a heli i toug iz was an glitc cuz dat dosent happen my bestz freint wilfor bremlioy shoot the heli with a turdzooka thaz superz spoky e ept the ddge ut it hd hyber relistic eys wth blod in dem

A Few Hours Later

Ogm Guiz ware uz we hearz noiss grap ur guan ,u loak in teh halway and a skeleton pops ut

we cent finisash story iz 3spooky5 meh

teh dodge then tarned into a bell of hybar realistic bluud dat looked lak a fluuer

then it cwried bluued and i wes a intern a nickalooen studios beut that wes an dream, anyway where was i oh bluud wes everywhare bluud gut on meh and i run awaly

Trest Nu Won

Teh ting 2

weh whare all in teh ruum togther it wes meh, wilford briemely, an carebaer, evil patricks, sanic.EXE, and sledermeen. ded i meation dat shrk wes hear but got kiled arely,

i sid tu dem nuo il show yu whut i alredy nu but minutes latur teh careber was teh tingand wa kild it

thet startled meh when we went to they lab teh ting was a spiter an it dieted su we left it ded

Teh Paragragph Befrore Teh Lest One

Meh, wilferd and sanic whre in teh genator ruum lakking for itz but we found OMG OMG TOO SPOKY GUIZ OMG OMG TEH TING IS EATING SANIC UMG UMG NOT WILFERD 2 NUUUU

k i think its uver oh nuz teh thing iz after meh but i killed it wit spookyness cuz evilpatricks helped meh

Evil Patricks An Meh Say Bye

meh an evil patricks wer teh only survivers fro teh baes he den ate my panise and den i crep to death after he wes rescued

Teh End

This was based off the Movie The Thing

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