I used too play games all of the time and when i was a littl kid .my favorit waz yoshis island.when suddenly on the internte i saw a thing that sed free games expecialy yoshis island i was like yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh and calledmy freind joshau we call him joshy. Joshy said clikc the link and get me games to. then a maliman nocked on the dore. said heer and gave mme package i opened it. it said my name on the front and joshys to and it was ritten in hyperrealistic blud. i loked up nat the mailedman butt he wuz gone then joshys scuter was in the drivway. a icy hand touched my sholder and i screemed and turned but it waz just joshy he said whats wrong? i said its nothing lets just play lol. then wee went upstairs and bootes up the snes wigth the game inside but the nitendo logo backwords and wso was the music. the the title screan was covered in blud and said SUPER HELL WORLD 2 HELL ISLAND COPYRIGHT 666 NITENDO joshy and i shrooged and said it must be glitch and select 1srt save file but it sed JOSHY. it was probablu jusy another glitch so we shruged agen. yes i think we were right it started normal but then we were in first level but then insted of shyguys there was this this girl monika from my maf class and we ate gher there was hyperrealistic blud everywhere and the game said YOU SHOULDNT HAVE DONE THAT aND babbu mario started crying that god-awful souhnd it was a demon. so loud it broke glass. so anyway we just looked at eachother agen and just said this isnt normal but maybe hacked/ so then we got to the first boss bt it was the final boss. and it was satin i swear we through are eggs at it but they were that bitch monica agin and didnt do nothing .she looked at the scren and said YOU KILLED ME NOW YOU MUST DIE. satin came through the screen like the girl from teh ring and killed joshy rite in front of me and i ran away into the bathroom locked the door. joshy was screemeding and i sade its ok ill save you Joshy. but then satin broke done the door and cutted out my eyes it hurt so bad and all i could see was black. i pased out and when i woke up joshy was sitting besid me shaking and it was all a dreem. we red in the newspapier later taht monica killeed hersef and her sooiside note said she would kile us. then a nock on the dore and it was her. she stabed me and then i woke up it was all a dreem.joshy and i never playeded yoshies island agan but monicas still ded.